Mutating devices: the ongoing revolution.

iPhone came first, then the iPad. Google bought Motorola. Microsoft bought Nokia. Nokia bought Alcatel-Lucent. Android surpassed iOS in mobile sales. Huawei now sells almost as much as Apple.
Kids bump on streetlights because they’re looking down at their smartphone. Bikes are now rented (and shared) through an app and dinner is ordered in one touch.
And tomorrow? How is this integrated with my activity? What can I get out of the new mobile devices? What is the best solution? Native, hybrid, HTML5, iOs or Android?
Users of social media that already only use mobile platforms. Commercials that use tablets to present their products …
eMutation accumulates a comprehensive experience on strategy, site, development, adaptation of business and activities to the world of mobile devices. It is not only about having a good criterion to make the best decision: it´s also a team of specialized engineers and professionals with experience in mobile marketing.
Strategy and Web development have changed: the “mobile-first” is evolving into “mobile-only” in some segments. We have a Marketing puzzle: e-commerce with social strategy in mobile devices and apps.
We are surrounded by devices and everything has to be re-examined every 3 years. In the face of mutating devices, we need mutating companies.



Liquid communication: online, niches … We have been in this for years, in a revolution that not only doesn´t stop but also accelerates. The devices surround us and force us to check everything every 3 years. Against mutant devices, mutant companies.

Analysis and Mobile strategy/ Digital transformation, apps and smartphones

Native apps development

iOS: native development with xCode.
Android: native development with Android Studio.

Responsive Web design/ Responsive adaptation to existing Web pages

Mobile App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store and Google Play analysis.
Itunes Connect management, etc.
Integration of statistical tools, Parse, etc.
Analysis & Reporting.

Mobile marketing & communication
Downloads / In-app advertising

Startup & apps
Analysis, assessment, developement and support for startups.

Some of our work

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