For your company, is eCommerce an end or is it a way? Is it about spreading the products that you already sell in the retail channel, increasing your turnover or loyalty to your customers?

Why are they going to buy it online? And why not? Where do we want them to buy?

What relationship should we have with Amazon? Why, how and when are we going to sell or be in Amazon’s marketplaces?

eMutation’s experience allows us to transform the vision of stock management and showcase, sales, shipping and customer service.

The eCommerce informs us in real time of our strategic parameters: Sales, evolution of customers, products, geographical areas, purchasing habits or trends. Creating a database, allows us through email marketing and other means, to spread our own launches, promotions and new season.

The cost of promoting sales of our customers is reduced. Can marketing be separated from logistics? Can there be a technical solution which move the visitor to buy?

eMutation has vision and know-how to choose, advise and develop customized solutions or integrate the most widespread e-commerce environments in the market, either from scratch or modifying and adapting if they already exist, whether they work independently or are connected or integrated with the IT means of your business.

We are pioneers in the integration of the most used payment platforms, both national (Sermepa – Redsys, BBVA, etc.) and international (Paypal, 2CheckOut, Google wallet, etc.)

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • PrestaShop
  • OsCommerce
  • OpenCart
  • Plugin integrations for CMS such as WordPress (Woocommerce, Cart66, Facebook eCommerceShop)